Indian Sunset

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Madman Across The Water
As I awoke this evening with the smell of wood smoke clinging
Like a gentle cobweb hanging upon a painted tepee
Oh I went to see my chieftain with my warlance and my woman
For he told us that the yellow moon would very soon be leaving

Ebm                                                Ebm9
This I can't believe I said, I can't believe our warlord's dead
                           Abm/Eb            Ebm7
Oh he would not leave the chosen ones to the buzzards and the soldiers guns

Ebm9     Ebm                                 Ebm9
Oh great father of the Iroquois ever since I was young
                       Abm/Eb          Ebm9
I've read the writing of the smoke and breastfed on the sound of drums
      Ebm                                               Ebm7 
I've learned to hurl the tomahawk and ride a painted pony wild
   Ebm9                Abm/Eb        Ebm9 
To run the gauntlet of the Sioux, to make a chieftain's daughter mine

And now you ask that I should watch
                             Ebm7   Ebm9          
The red man's race be slowly crushed
      Ebm                     Abm/Eb
What kind of words are these to hear
From Yellow Dog whom white man fears

Ebm Db  B  Db  Ebm
Ebm Db  B  Db  Ebm
Abm D7 D(b5) D7

G      Bm/F#         Em         G/D        C             Am/D   Em    D           
I take only what is mine Lord, my pony, my squaw, and my child
G      Bm/F#    Em         G/D  C   Am/D               Em      D          
I can't stay to see you die     along with my tribe's pride
Am7                      D                   G             C/G   
I go to search for the yellow moon and the fathers of our sons
           Em7     Am7          G       F6+9         Am      G      C 
Where the red sun sinks in the hills of gold and the healing waters run

Trampling down the prairie rose leaving hoof tracks in the sand
Those who wish to follow me I welcome with my hands
I heard from passing renegades Geronimo was dead
          Em7    Am7      Gsus4  F6+9         Am7        Bm7     Em  
He'd been laying down his weapons   when they filled him full of lead

Em7/D    Em7/C    Em
Em7/D    Em7/C    Em

Am    D7/A    Am+9    D7/A    Em

Em               G/D          C              G/B
Now there seems no reason why I should carry on
Am7               G/B                C             D
In this land that once was my land I can't find a home
     Em               G/D          C                   G/B
It's lonely and it's quiet and the horse soldiers are coming
      Am                  G/B               C                   Am7/D
And I think it's time I strung my bow and ceased my senseless running
    Em                  D           C                    G/B
For soon I'll find the yellow moon along with my loved ones
           Am                  G/B          C                    D
Where the buffalos graze in clover fields without the sound of guns
         Em      D            C                  G/B
And the red sun sinks at last into the hills of gold
    Am                 G/B      C                   Em
And peace to this young warrior comes with a bullet hole

Em7/D    Cmaj7    Em
Em7/D    Cmaj7    D

© 1970 Dick James Music Limited

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