And now that it all over
      G7/B                Cm
The birds can nest again
            Eb                    Bb/D
I'll only snow when the sun comes out
  G7/B                                    Cm
I shine only when it starts to rain
       Cm/Bb      F7/A
And if you want a drink
just squeeze my hand
       Bb/A        Gm7             C7                       F7
And wine will flow into the land and feed my lambs
     G7-9          Cm
for I am the mirror
  G7/B                Cm
I can reflect the moon
                 Eb            Bb/D
I will write songs for you
    G7-9/B           Cm
I'll be your silver spoon
             G7/B            Cm
I'm sorry I took your time
                Fm6                   G7
I am the poem that doesn't rhyme
       Cm    G7/B       Cm7/Bb
Just turn back the page
              Fm6/D     G7/B       Cm
I'll waste away, ill waste away
Cm7/Bb    Fm6/D     G7/B       Cm
I'll waste away, ill waste away
Gm7/Bb    Fm6/D     G7/B       Cm
I'll waste away, ill waste away


  1. I’ve searched years for this tab.

  2. Awesome job on these chords. This song is quite hard to find.

  3. Nice site, I would love to play the solo from The One Album from the song ‘Sweat it Out’ Have you heard it?

  4. I’m doing a Ukelele/Elton project (yes it really works!) and this is a Gem, thank you very much,

  5. Does anyone know where to fine music sheets for piano of this song?

  6. Hello,
    Unfortunately I do not know of any sheet music for this song. All I have is these chords.

    Sorry I couldn’t help you further.


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