I Think I’m Going To Kill Myself

Am7  D/A Am7  D/A Am7 D/A  Am7 D/A

Am7         Am
I'm getting bored
                                     G/D           C7
Being part of mankind, there's not a lot to do no more
F7                       D     G/D   D    G/D  D   G/D
This race is a waste of time

Am                         G
People rushing everywhere
Swarming 'round like flies
F7                           D                E7
Think I'll buy a forty-four, give 'em all a surprise

Think I'm gonna kill myself
D7                     /Ab
Cause a little suicide
Stick around for a couple of days
F7                    C7
What a scandal if I died

Yeah, I'm gonna kill myself
D7                       D7(-5)/Ab
Get a little headline news
I'd like to see what the papers say
       F       F/E  F/D C    /B  Am7 /G  F C/E Dm  E7
On the state of teenage blues

A rift in my family
I can't use the car
Gotta be in by ten o'clock
Who do they think they are?
I'd make exception if you
Want to save my life
Brigette Bardot gotta come and
See me every night

One Comment:

  1. I think the chords are pretty close – if anything there’s too many in the chart. It’s got that old-time New Orleans blues progression…if you try playing it bouncing the root and the fifth in the bass like you would a country song you can get a pretty cool interpretation. I’ve been trying to take the song into a Rory Gallagheresque direction – helluva lot of fun to play. Enjoy!

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