G C G  

Ooh I got a busted wing and a hornet sting
                      C F C F C F C G/B
Like an out of tune guitar
Am                   G/B  C
Ooh she got Hercules on her side
And Diana in her eyes

Some men like the Chinese life
                      C F C F C F C G/B
Some men kneel and pray
Am                    G/B  C
Ooh well I like women and I like wine
And I've always liked it that way
F C/E  G/D      C     G
Always liked it that way

D               G
I can't dig it, the way she tease
D                          G
That old tough man routine up her sleeve
C                  D
Living and loving, kissing and hugging
Em                       C         G
Living and loving with a cat named Hercules
  F   C/E    G/D C  G
A cat named Hercules

Oh and it hurts like hell to see my gal
Messing with a muscle boy
No superman gonna ruin my plans
Playing with my toys

Rich man sweating in a sauna bath
Poor boy scrubbing in a tub
Me, I stay gritty up to my ears
Washing in a bucket of mud
Washing in a bucket of mud

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