Western Ford Gateway

F  C/G  E7/G#  Am  F  C/G  E7/G#  Am  F  C/G  G7 

C                 G/B            Am   Am/G
It's hard to feel what's in your head
Where the gas lamps grow
And the garbage blows
Dm               E7
Around the paper stands
And a baby cried
And I saw a light
And I wondered where
And I wondered why
There'd be a loss of life
     C/G    G7
Down here tonight

C               F
Down on Western Ford Gateway
Dm             G6        G7
That's a place where the dead say
C                F
That a man lives no more
         C/G  E7/G#    Am
That his fair share of days
F       C       E7/G#    Am
Down on Western Ford Gateway (repeat)

repeat intro here

It flowed upon the cobbled floor
For the bottle's dead
And they're drunk again
By the tavern door

outro is same as intro

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