Hymn 2000

HYMM 2000

   Year : 1969
  Album : Empty Sky
Writers : Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Intro: |  Bm7-5  |  /  |  Bbm/Db  |  /  |  Bm7-5  |  /  |  Bbm/Db  |  /  |

Ab            Db/Ab                                     Fm/C
She chose the soft centre and took it to bed with her mother.
        Ab       Gb         Db        Ab
And the ideal confusion was just an illusion -
        Bbm                      Fm/C     C
     to gain further news of her bro  -  ther.
Ab                 Db/Ab                               Fm/C
And the comfort of mother was just an appeal for protection.
        Ab            Gb             Db       Ab  Bbm                Fm/C   C
For the cat from next door was found later at 4   -   in surgical dissec - tion.

F           Ebmaj7         Bb         F
And I don't want to be the son of any freak.
                    Ebmaj7     Bb               F
Who for a chocolate centre can take you off the street.
                            A              Dm    Dm/C       Bb
For soon they'll plough the desert and God knows where I'll be.
    F      F/E   Dm  Dm/C    G7/B                          C
Collecting submarine numbers  -  on the main street of the sea.

Ab           Db/Ab                                         Fm/C
The Vicar is thicker and I just can't see through to him.
        Ab       Gb         Db         Ab
For his cardinal sings a collection of hymns,
              Bbm                      Fm/C   C
     and a collection of coins is made af  -  ter.
Ab                Db/Ab                     Fm/C
And who wrote the Bible - was it Judas or Pilate.
     Ab             Gb              Db        Ab
Well one cleans his hands while the other one hangs -
         Bbm                 Fm/C - C
     but still I continue to stand.

{Repeat Chorus}

                      | Bb | / | Intro/fade: | Bm7-5 | / | Bbm/Db | / |
CODA:  ...street of the sea.

Chorded by David Bisese

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