The Cage

Bb7 Eb7 x4

Bb7                 Eb7  Bb7  Eb7
Have you ever lived in a cage
          Bb7                Eb7    Bb7    Eb7
Where you live to be whipped and be tamed
         Bb7         Eb7  Bb7  Eb7
For I've never loved in a cage
   Ab     Gb   Db     Eb      Bb7
Or talked to a friend or just waved

Aah ah Ooh Ooh
Aah ah Ooh Ooh
    Bb7  Eb7  Bb7
Oh Aha

Well I walk while they talk about virtue
Just raised on my back legs and snarled
Watched you kiss your old daddy with passion
And tell dirty jokes as he died


But I'm damned when I really care there
For the cellar's the room in your lives
Where you lace yourself with bad whiskey
And close the cage doors on your life


Cm G/D Cm/Eb Fm Cm/G Gsus-G Cm G
Cm G/D Cm/Eb Fm Cm/G Gsus G Cm F

Well I pray while you bathe in bad water
Sing songs that I learnt as a boy
Then break all the bones in my body
On the bars you can never destroy

[CHORUS - fade]

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