I Need You To Turn To

Em  D  G  A  Am  Em  D  Em

Em           D       G        A
You're not a ship to carry my life
        Am           Em       D          Em
You are nailed to my love in many lonely nights
     Em               D            G            A
I've strayed from the cottages and found myself here
      Am        Em        Dsus4 D          Em
For I need your love your love protects my fears

      G                C/G   G
And I wonder sometimes and I know I'm unkind
      B7          Em             D      D7/F#
But I need you to turn to when I act so blind
      G                 C/G  G
And I need you to turn to when I lose control
       B7          Em        Dsus4 D       Em
You're my guardian angel who keeps out the cold

... D  G  A  Am  Em  D  Em

Did you paint your smile on, well I said I knew
That my reason for living was for loving you
We're related in feeling but you're high above
You're pure and you're gentle with the grace of a dove

Em  D  G  A  Am  Em  D  E

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