Elton John Chords

If you’d like to learn to play a song by Elton John you may find what you are looking for on this site.  While we don’t have every song he has ever done you will still find a nice selection of songs. Try the search box on the right, pick an album on the left, or choose one of the most popular songs on the right.

Bit About Me

I’ve enjoyed listening and jamming songs by Bernie Taupin and Elton John as long as I can remember. The first album I remember listening to was Breaking Hearts when I was four years old. I loved listening to Burning Buildings, In Neon and Sad Songs Say So Much.

It wasn’t until I was 7 or so and I found my parents old record collection that I came across another album. Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy. After falling in love with that album I started a membership of a mail order CD club. It was a great time. I would cut grass for money and then put in an order for another album. It was so much fun hearing all these albums for the first time.

Today I am always looking forward to the next album by Elton and Bernie. As of this writing the newest album out is The Diving Board which I really thought was fantastic. I learned to play a couple tunes from it like A Town Called Jubilee and The New Fever Waltz.

Playing Live

Usually when I play out at a live gig you can count on there being at least a few John / Taupin songs. The crowd usually requests Tiny Dancer, Your Song, Saturday Night’s Alright, Philadelphia Freedom and more. I like to mix it up on occasion and do Blues For Baby And Me, or Burn Down The Mission.

Lately one of my favourites to jam is Crazy Water.

Let me know what your favourite Elton John song is to jam in the comments below. If it’s not posted on this site I’ll look into adding it.


  1. Right now it’s the king must die. Nice job on the whole website. I would trade entire Internet for this one website. Gives me enjoyment every day and you’ve done a perfect job. keep it up. PS I’m officially now only 1° separated from EJ through a new friend who has worked on his charity events. Very exciting.

  2. Wow !! what a dream ‘fantastic this very site is for me to discovered? more like stumble upon;) just fantastic! i’l explain now; here i am listening through my precious collection of music and i felt a need (been awhile) to hear some Elton:][:Bernie so i would happen to kick this ‘spree2b’ off with the ” 11-17-70(UK-Release Mix) [Live] ” opener -Bad Side of the moon. and just as i had easily forgotten how the middle and especially end groove(s) got me hysterically giddy with wonder- ‘just what in the heck is he singin’ here though i had ‘goggle right at me finger tips so i began my search expecting some kind of immediate answer easily accessible to millions and me, wow i realized ni’ I’m gonna have to go digging and even guessing LOVE it! n then i ‘goggled’ “bad side of the moon loosem la sa ” and was corrected &directed lol ; did you mean”ooh se ma la” like as if THE Red Carpet had been rolled out just waiting for me ! 😀 ! Thanks So Much & Rock on n’ on, Every one of y’all! Peace~b -JBT

  3. I Just found this sight. Thank you for your work. Greats songs and I’ll be able to learn them faster with your help. Cheers! GB Houston

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